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It is our mission to develop and implement tailor-made media concepts and process solutions for and with our customers. Not only do we specifically address targeted push-effects, but we also utilize this lever at full power within the entire contact chain, right down to the new customer. We face all challenges professionally and enthusiastically, drawing on highly qualified staff and a network of specialists.

This is media plan.

Personal contact

For us, personal contact with our customers, partners and media is a matter of the heart. We consistently support and guide you from the very first contact right through to the fulfillment of your aims. Our quality-driven, flexible, innovative and service-oriented approach is our hallmark. Every day, we bring our passion and energy to bear on helping our customers meet their goals. We are ready to tackle any task - no matter how complex - and our long-term experience allows us to precisely recognize our customer’s needs.

We live service. And we give it everything we've got.

20 years of experience

Customer satisfaction, independence and 20 years of experience form the foundation on which we keep building success stories, over and over again. Long-term relationships with customers, staff and business partners have helped us grow and enable us to identify the exact triggers of your success … and we have always remained faithful to our values. From the very start, we have skillfully combined branding and response to create crucial added value for our customers. We are grateful to have gathered a vast range of experience and will gladly share it with you.

To serve our customers, we're always a step ahead.


Facts and figures.

PositioningOwner- managed full service media agency
FounderFrank Lankers
Managing DirectorsFrank Lankers, Peter Sigl, Denise Kastner
LocationsBaden-Baden, Munich, Berlin
Employeesmore than 70 highly qualified employees
Number of customersActive customers: approx. 40
Industries servedmore than 25
HRB107020 Commercial register number


Sale or no sale?

If this is your question too, we have the right answer: media plan is an independent, owner-managed, full service media agency with three locations (Baden-Baden, Munich, Berlin) from which we employ our creativity and market know-how to consistently position your brand and product so they reach your target group. Within this context we see ourselves as the member of your team who can effectively link you and the media.

To achieve this, we not only draw on our more than 20 years of experience but also rely on our international network, which time and again provides creative stimuli for strategic orientation in a constantly evolving market.

Statistics, ROI-based options for optimum results or readjustment and refinancing: We know that after successfully placing your message, our real task is only just beginning.

Trust us, the market leader, when it comes to Direct Response Media (DRTV). Whether here, or in any of the other important media channels (TV, radio, online, print, out of home), our passion drives us to provide you with top performance.

To reach your target customers, you need to know them perfectly and understand what drives them. This is why we place such great importance on our personal contact with you, to realize your wishes as precisely as possible. Our credo: As simple as necessary, as effective as possible.


Integrated media planning online / offline

Creating a successful media strategy is a matter of trust. We handle your budget and your brand with the greatest integrity and confidently lead you where you want to go: right into the heart of your target group.

TV, print, out of home, radio or online: The classic media continue to play a crucial role within the integrated media mix.

We see it as our task to link offline contacts, either within a mix or monomedially, with the digital world. Here it is important to optimally tap into all the synergy potentials offered by the different channels and to implement them in a coherent manner.

We pick up your target group in a relevant phase of the customer journey by harmonizing all relevant offline channels with the digital medium.

Search (SEA, SEO), display advertising or performance advertising, social media, video advertising, mobile advertising, retargeting or usability and user interface optimization: we intelligently deploy all these possibilities at both the right moment and the right location.

Integrated media planning also means advertising needs to be designed as broadly as possible, yet remain targeted and efficient. With geomarketing, we offer various instruments to ensure exactly that. Here, planning and managing locations (e.g. of branch office networks), sales regions (e.g. for field sales representatives) and network infrastructures (e.g. for net coverage or transport routes) plays a role that is just as important as the targeted development of new markets. Clearly, integrated media planning has to be learned. We at Media Plan have done research in the market and are constantly extending our know-how. And whenever the market reacts, we are already prepared. This provides you and us with decisive advantages in a highly competitive environment.

Working together, we can generate a fascinating market experience, one that triggers curiosity and creates purchasing impulses. We call this sales-oriented branding.

By using all media channels and modalities, we can target customers directly and make them feel happy about their decisions.

Direct Response Media

Direct Response Media (DR Media) is the optimal tool for those who want to effectively and cost-efficiently reach their target group, no matter where they may be at any given time.

But DR Media has to be learned: Therefore, we invite you to trust the market leader – media plan! We take up your wishes and incorporate them into a DR Media concept, which is then at your disposal as an optimum platform for sales increases and sales campaigns, as well as for generating leads and sales across all channels. Focussed planning, exclusive broadcasting time slots, exact event tracking and continuous optimization are the keys to success.

Numerous campaigns in more than 25 industries have provided us with a wide range of experience. We use and maintain this experience on a daily basis in our in-house data base, which is unique in the German market and provides us with excellent advantages in the field of campaign management.

DR Media is the market of the future for helping today's customer make a purchasing decision in a world increasingly flooded with information.

As the only German member agency of the Electronic Retail Association, media plan is involved in a continuous exchange with international experts, which helps us to recognize tomorrow's trends today.

Effiency – Tracking, Reporting and Optimization

Success is when all parties win: To transform contacts into long-term, satisfied customers, we offer innovative tracking technologies that enable us to constantly monitor your campaign performance and continuously increase your budget efficiency.

Daily monitoring, detail analysis and precise campaign optimization form the bases of our work. We show you which contact and combination of channels are crucial for your new customer’s purchasing decision.

Unique multi-channel tracking solutions are essential foundations for maximizing the success of a campaign.

According to our understanding of service, together with our customers we develop individualized reports that enable us to keep an eye on the relevant success figures. In this way, we can achieve great effects with small test flights and ensure a creative and sustainable media presence.

We partner you from the very first idea along the entire value-added chain to the realization of your wishes. Come with us on the success track!

International Media: Think global – act global!

For you, we combine our national locations in Baden-Baden, Berlin and Munich with our global way of thinking. Projects around the world are managed by our international team - together with you, of course!

Together we are stronger! This is exactly why, for international campaigns, we work together with our strongest partners. Our contacts are amongst the best in their fields and can draw on years of experience in performance-oriented campaigns.

With this combination of the best possible service and a concentration of media-related know-how in various countries, we have implemented numerous successful international campaigns!

Please, contact us!


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But this is just the beginning, of course.

Prepared for more? Please contact: bwunderlich@media-plan.de

Media plan is no longer a small agency but has become a relevant player in the market. Pleasantly different from all the others, and this is a good thing and will hopefully remain the same in the future!

I appreciate being part of the media plan family.

- Susanne Aigner-Drews, Discovery Networks Germany, Austria and Switzerland

They are hugely professional, hard working, but most importantly I count them as friends and business is never dull and always fun. So in many ways they have not changed much at all.

- Mike De Vere, Agora Europe Ltd

Media plan and enthusiasm to me are synonymous. Take flexibility and charm, and add a service-oriented approach, and you've got a description of the media plan team.

- Anita Berres, Berres - Strategie & Kinesiologie

Congratulations to media plan for 20 years of continuous hard work and, above all, for the excellent personal commitment of all employees in serving their customers, achieving with flying colors the often ambitious aims. Keep it up! To the next 20 years ... yippie.

- Volker Hoffmann, MAKE GmbH

Being partners for many years, I’m totally excited of their huge professional work. What the agency distinguishes additionally is the personal and individual support. It’s  a pleasure working together with media plan since 2007.

- Katharina Schneider (CEO), Mediashop Holding GmbH


Aleksandra Lukasik

Junior TV Buyer

030 120 645 70-2

Alen Vucko

Junior Media Consultant

030 120 645 70-4

Alisa Kastner

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-49

Anja Junold

Media Consultant

030 202 365 190

Anja Kastner-Ruas

Junior TV Buyer

07221 99 22 8-37

Annika Mangang

Head of Crossmedia

07221 99 22 8-39

Beate Wunderlich

PA to the CEO

07221 99 22 8-14

Bernadett Zeller

Media Consultant

089 24 20 866-98

Bettina Benz

Junior Media Assistant

089 24 20 866-76

Christian Telker

Media Consultant

030 120 645 70-6

Christin Tschörner

Junior Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-75

Christoph Höfer

Senior Media Consultant

089 24 20 866-82

Daniela Reis

Media Consultant Int.

030 20 23 651-91

Denise Kastner

Managing Director

07221 99 22 8-28

Elaine Betteridge

Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-78

Emrah Dogan

Data Scientist

07221 99 22 8-96

Eva Franz

Head of Team Berlin

030 120 645 70-0

Evelin Baldauf

Director Classic&Media

07221 99 22 8-90

Florian Hörnle

Junior Media Consultant

089 24 20 866-77

Florian Schätzl

Media Assistant

089 24 20 866-85

Francesca Mack

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-10

Frank Lankers


07221 99 22 8-20

Franziska Dehn

Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-42

Giuseppina Ecora

Accounting Assistant

07221 99 22 8-76

Heike Friedmann

Head of Digital Consulting

07221 99 22 8-80

Ines Kominiak

Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-11

Isabell Borchert

Head of Teleshopping

07221 99 22 8-13

Jaqueline Santos

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-74

Jennifer Pegel

Media Consultant

030 202 365 1-93

Jörg Balensiefer

Senior Media Consultant

030 120 645 70-3

Julia Link

Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-92

Karina Vinijcuk

Junior Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-93

Katharina Torchalla

Senior Financial

07221 99 22 8-70

Kathrin Heinrichs

PA to MD | Junior Consultant

089 24 20 866-75

Kay Borchert


07221 99 22 8-82

Kristin Wegner

Finance Assistant

07221 99 22 8-73

Laura Stiefel

Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-36

Linda Leger

Head of Business Development

07221 99 22 8-35

Lisa Gordon

Marketing Assistant

07221 99 22 8-85

Lucca d‘Aguiar

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-16

Mareike Frietsch

Senior Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-33

Martin Pham

Trainee Digital

07221 99 22 8-16

Martin Rose

Head of Team München

089 24 20 866-87

Martina Hartmann

Head of TV-Planning

07221 99 22 8-29

Mégane Binder

TV Buyer

07221 99 22 8-31

Melanie Huber

Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-18

Melissa Görke

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-67

Natascha Wustmann

TV Buyer

07221 99 22 8-25

Patricia Mack

Accounting Assistant

030 202 365 19-2

Peter Sigl

Managing Director

089 24 20 866-71

Philipp Kurtz

Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-38

Pinar Kilic

Junior Finance Assistant

07221 99 22 8-73

Rebecca Hummel

Senior Media Consultant

089 24 20 866-83

Regina Reiss


07221 99 22 8-77

Renata Vucko

Head of Finance

07221 99 22 8-71

Richard Stinauer

Managing Director adtraffic

0173 5152535

Rosa Lilli Biging

Junior Media Assistant

030 202 365 1-93

Sabine Conti

Human Resources

07221 99 22 8-41

Sabrina Goligowski

Media Consultant

030 120 645 70-1

Sabrina Meier

Team Assistant

07221 99 22 8-30

Sabrina Seitz

Media Consultant

030 120 64570-5

Sabrina Westermeyer

Human Resources

07221 99 22 8-97

Sebastian Rastätter

Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-34

Silke Figlestahler

Finance Assistant

07221 99 22 8-72

Simone Baumgärtel

Member of Management

07221 99 22 8-15

Simone Mondelli


07221 99 22 8-95

Sophia-Anne v. Deimling

Human Resources

07221 99 22 8-69

Stefanie Link

Media Consultant

07221 99 22 8-91

Stefanie Männle

Campaign Manager Digital

07221 99 22 8-21

Stefanie Schlegel

Media Consultant

030 120 645 70-7

Thomas Herold

Senior TV Buyer

07221 99 22 8-98

Tim Thumulka

Business Development Manager

07221 99 22 8-81

Wencke Lankers


07221 99 22 8-0

Yannick Linke

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-96

Yvonne Buchmann

Junior Media Assistant

07221 99 22 8-68


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Contact us here

Baden Baden

Hermann-Sielcken-Straße 60
76530 Baden-Baden
+49 (7221) 99228-0


Holzstr. 28
80469 Munich
+49 (89)2420866–70


Münzstr. 18
10178 Berlin
+49 (30) 1206457-02


Media Consultant (m/w)

Media Consultant (m/w)

media plan GmbH ist eine inhabergeführte und unabhängige Full Service Mediaagentur mit Standorten in Baden-Baden, München und Berlin. Für unsere nationalen und internationalen Kunden planen und steuern wir sehr erfolgreiche Kommunikationskonzepte.


Du hast Spaß daran mit Menschen zu arbeiten, weißt, wie erfolgreiche Kampagnen realisiert und umgesetzt werden und Dir ist Menschlichkeit in einem tollen Team sehr wichtig? Du wolltest schon immer in einem Team mit viel Herzblut Medialuft schnuppern und bei der Entwicklung und Realisierung von crossmedialen Kampagnen von Anfang bis Ende mitwirken? Dann freuen wir uns auf Dich!


Wir wachsen weiter und suchen zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt für unseren Standort in München einen


Media Consultant (m/w)


Deine Aufgaben bei uns:

  • Bestandskundenbetreuung, Erarbeitung von Konzepten zur Neukundengewinnung und Etablierung neuer Geschäftsbeziehungen
  • Umsetzung und Optimierung erfolgreicher Werbekonzepte bzw. Suche nach neuen Ideen zur Weiterentwicklung bestehender Kundenbeziehungen und Identifizierung von Neukundenpotenzialen
  • Präsentation und Verkauf der Angebote bei unseren Kunden
  • Sicherstellen der erfolgreichen Umsetzung in Bezug auf Wirtschaftlichkeit, Timing, Qualität und Budget
  • Kundenpotenzialanalyse sowie Beobachtung von Markt und Wettbewerb
  • Recherche, Entwicklung von strategischen und operativen Projekten bzw. Mediakonzepten


Das bringst Du mit:

  • Mehrjährige Agenturerfahrung und TV-Expertise
  • Erfahrung in der Mediaplanung, gerne auch medienübergreifend
  • Kenntnis der marktüblichen Planungstools
  • Gute MS-Office-Kenntnisse
  • Gute Englischkenntnisse in Wort und Schrift
  • Analytisches Denken
  • Ausgeprägte Kommunikationsfähigkeit
  • Hoher Teamgeist gepaart mit Einsatzbereitschaft und Flexibilität
  • Spaß am Umgang mit Kunden und Vermarktern


Was wir Dir bieten:

  • Eine abwechslungsreiche und anspruchsvolle Tätigkeit in einem motivierten und dynamischen Arbeitsumfeld
  • Fachliche und persönliche Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten in Form von internen und externen Schulungen oder Weiterbildungen
  • Teamspirit mit hoher Kollegialität, flachen Hierarchien und Spaß an der Arbeit
  • Moderne Büroräume sowie Feel-good-Aktionen bieten Dir den Wohlfühlfaktor
  • Flexible Arbeitszeitgestaltung

Wenn Du Dich angesprochen fühlst und Du Teil unseres Media-Plan-Teams werden möchtest, freuen wir uns auf Deine aussagekräftige Bewerbung per E-mail.

Bitte teile uns außerdem Deine Gehaltsvorstellung sowie Deinen nächstmöglichen Eintrittstermin mit.

Bewirb Dich jetzt unter: Bewerbungen@media-plan.de


media plan GmbH

Sabine Conti

Hermann-Sielcken-Str. 60

76530 Baden-Baden

07221/99 22 8 41

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