Social Commerce: Live Shopping Events on the Rise. Exciting results of our study- Now available!

09-22-2021 11:58 o'clock, by media plan

Social commerce is the process of selling products directly via social media, whereas the classic e-commerce model refers to a shopping experience via a website or a particular brand app.

Social commerce enables customers to make purchases directly via social media and is therefore not the same as e-commerce.

Social commerce makes shopping a real “social experience”

Shopping via social media is much more interactive than a typical e-commerce exercise.

Consumers can easily share purchases with their friends – brag about their new shoes, comment on Dad’s new “I love my daughter” T-shirt, read the latest comments from other shampoo buyers, and interact directly with their favorite beer brand.

Social commerce is the media disruption killer!

Social commerce removes barriers and makes purchases easier and faster for customers. It also keeps customers longer in the social media app.

The motto: See it, Click it, buy it.

Is your target group aged between 18 and 34? Is social commerce not yet an integral part of your media strategy? Then it’s time to change that before the opportunity is gone.

Social media is the modern shopping centre of our time – and in Germany, we’ve only just reached the first floor of a skyscraper. Whoever enters now will be in first place – so take the chance!

Social commerce and live shopping on the rise! Our study proves the relevance of social commerce for consumers and shows that this trend already has a long-term effect and will continue to develop rapidly.

Almost half of the people interviewed use Instagram and Facebook almost daily. The social platform WhatsApp is the frontrunner – at over 80% and most people are online there almost daily. Influencers and social shopping are also no longer foreign words for many: the increase in the use of social media means that these “trends” are becoming more and more relevant for consumers and it has become impossible to imagine life without them for some time. Results of the study also show that the number of purchases made via social media will increase in the future.

You want to see all the results of this exciting survey? The report is available for download here!