Social Commerce: Live Shopping Events on the Rise. Exciting results of our study- Now available!

09-22-2021 11:58 o'clock, by media plan

Social Commerce and Live Shopping on the rise! Our study proves the relevance of social commerce for consumers and shows that this trend has a long-term effect and will continue to develop rapidly.

Almost half of the respondents use Instagram and Facebook almost daily. The social platform WhatsApp is the frontrunner – at over 80%, most of the respondents are online there almost daily. Influencers and social shopping are also no longer foreign words for many: the increase in the use of social media means that these “trends” are becoming more and more relevant for consumers and it has been impossible to imagine life without them for a long time. Results of the study also show that the number of purchases via social media will increase in the future.

Social commerce offers great opportunities if important framework parameters such as an authentic environment and the selection of influencers are taken into account.

Want to see all the results of this exciting study? The study is available for download!  We would be happy to advise you on the topic of social commerce for your company and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

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