Print is more than just black and white: The strengths and opportunities of the medium

08-25-2021 09:33 o'clock, by media plan

Describe your unit in three words.

informative, haptic, “far more than just 1/1 ad”.


Digitization and the resulting changes in media usage behavior have also been felt in the print sector. Although print runs are continuously declining, the variety of topic-specific titles is increasing more and more. The output lost through reduced circulation can be compensated for to a large extent. There are offers for this – and they are growing all the time. In the past, customers could rarely be convinced to extend digitally to the websites of magazines and journals, but today this is the standard and is part of every campaign planning.

The important thing, now and in the future, is to know the strength of print as a medium and what it can do. Print campaigns and the digital extension offer enormous additional value and great opportunities that customers can use for themselves instead of being stuck in old thought patterns.


What are the particular strengths of print?

The particular strengths of print clearly lie in the trust that is placed in the genre.


The Havas study “Trust in News” from 2020 also shows that print advertising benefits from greater credibility and trust than other media. The length of time consumers spend with a magazine or newspaper is also significantly longer and of higher quality than with digital, for example. Print media have a much higher reach than the number of copies sold – they can be read by different consumers over a long period of time. In addition, ads in print media cannot be clicked away.

So it’s not the fast-moving nature of the medium that makes it so special, but the consistency, the high quality of contact and the opportunity to present services or products in a very target-group-oriented way – be it through a classic ad, an informative supplement or an enlightening advertorial.


In which areas is print marketing frequently used?

Print media are particularly important in the beauty industry, in the interior and food sectors, and also in the automotive industry and for luxury brands.


Particularly at seasonal high points, advertisements can once again have a significant influence on brand perception and thus the purchase decision. Here, brand building is more in the foreground than quick conversion.

Nevertheless, the medium of print also offers the e-commerce sector the opportunity to acquire new customers through effectively planned and controlled campaigns and to make conversions measurable, for example by means of landing pages, special offers or QR/discount codes.

Our task here is to find the perfect combination of advertising medium and advertising media for the customer, taking into account the best possible price-performance index.

On the one hand, we are helped in this by a planning tool commonly used in the market, which allows us to evaluate the performance forecast of the campaign very accurately. On the other hand, even more importantly, our many years of experience in the print sector through many well-known customers from a wide range of industries and the partnership-based cooperation with the publishers.

One great campaign that has stuck in our memory and that we are very proud of is a political statement from our client Babbel on the topic of LGBTQI, equal rights and equality. The campaign was published in the highest circulation daily newspaper, BILD.


Print is more than just black and white!

Print is hands-on, interactive and encourages testing with product samples. Print informs nationally, regionally and locally, inspires, creates worlds and lets images speak for themselves. Print allows time to linger, educate and can make statements. (media plan, 2021)

If, like us, you have recognized the strengths and great opportunities of print and are interested, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.