11-18-2021 09:40 o'clock, by media plan

“Keyword research is the process of searching for and ranking keywords that users actually type into search engines.” (Jennifer Lapp, Hubspot)

In the online space, the right keywords are a crucial factor: in search engine optimization, in generating insights, in keyword selection or simply for inspiration, keyword analysis is an essential part.

In order to facilitate the work during the research part, there is the online tool “AnswerThePublic” ( ), which converts the suggestions offered by Google for certain keyword searches of its users into a graphical image. The different possibilities are systematically grouped and structured according to question words and prepositions (like, which, with, next to, etc.). This combination with the keywords provides even more detailed and meaningful results. Google’s suggestions are based on the questions and keywords actually typed by users. This gives a good overview of what users actually want to know about a particular topic. The start variant with “occasional use” is even free of charge! To use successful targeting, “AnswerThePublic” offers a paid version of the tool to list insights on specific regions.

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