12-23-2021 13:24 o'clock, by media plan

THANK YOU for a unique year full of exciting and emotional moments! We are very grateful and happy to have mastered this crazy year together with you. 2021 was an absolute growth year: We grew personally, professionally and globally. With more than 50 existing customers, a large number of new customers and the expansion of our partner network, we look back on the year with pleasure and are already looking forward to taking on 2022 together with you.

Our most important milestones this year are now available for you to read below:

With the foundation of our social media agency “swipeyup” in April 2021, which focuses on social commerce, we have taken a fundamental step into a successful and promising business area. We recognise trends, act dynamically and target specific goals. Our aim: To offer you the best service portfolio on the market. In the last few months, numerous companies have already been convinced of swipeyup’s performance. The customer base is growing and growing.

Due to our new work culture, flexible working hours & remote work, which every single one of us takes part in, we have been able to expand our working environment nationally and internationally. This allows us to work even closer with you, our clients and partners, internationally.

However, as far as circumstances allowed, we were all happy to finally see each other again and celebrated at this year’s summer party. #allineedisyourlovetonight – where we welcomed many new talented colleagues. In addition to many great new talents, we also welcome Andreas Kösling as a new part of the management team. Since August he enriches the whole media plan crew as Chief Customer Officer. We are glad that you are part of our media plan family!

New ideas, impulses and interesting conversations could also be exchanged at the first media plan Innovation Day. All the Mastermind groups, who had been working on individual topics for months, were able to present their developments and insights on this day, which allowed for an innovative and interactive exchange between all participants. Another event that made its debut this year was the Youngster Event, which we organised for high school and university students for “training” and “working students”. The event was successfully run in a video conference.

We are also particularly proud of our first own study on the topic of “Social Commerce”, which provided exciting results and forecasts. Our core message: Social commerce and live shopping events are on the rise and far more than just a trend, but also an essential part of e-commerce strategy. Due to the great response to our study, media plan will continue to expand this area of market research in the New Year.

The topic of Corporate Social Responsibility also kept us very busy this year. Sustainability has long since ceased to be just a trend and has become an essential part of many corporate philosophies, and media plan is no exception. Thanks to the innovation of a CSR crew, we were able to implement a number of sustainable projects – of particular note is our “media plan forest”, which we planted this year and gave our customers and partners each a sponsorship of a tree.

We are very proud of this year of growth in all areas and are already looking forward to a new, eventful year in 2022.

This year we also refrained from giving Christmas presents in order to donate to various regional institutions (Oncology Department of the Children’s Hospital Karlsruhe e.V., the  Childrens and Youth Home in Baden-Baden and the Animal Shelter in Karlsruhe”).

773 Christmas cards, well over 50,000 video calls, 30 workshops/events and close to 30 website articles later,
we say THANK YOU for 2021- we can’t wait for 2022!