International – “The golden era“

08-18-2021 12:04 o'clock, by media plan

“International” and “digital” are the winners of the crisis! Digitization has experienced an even greater upswing as a result of Corona – the advertising industry has also changed considerably as a result of these influences.


How has international business changed before and “after” Corona?

With the realization that we can work from anywhere in the world also came the realization that we can offer our services not only in Germany but also around the globe.


Many media plan customers have used the post-lockdown period to expand internationally. “This is the “golden age” for the International unit.” (media plan, 2021) International campaigns are largely digital in design – which also has a positive impact on campaign success. The rise of digital campaigns is also confirmed by the Advertising Expenditure Forecast from the media agency Zenith: the share of global ad spend on digital is expected to rise to 55% by 2022.


Which components are available internationally and how can we use them?

Everything is possible everywhere!


Our International Unit covers all media in all regions. There are no limits to creativity at this point. Moreover, different strategies can be implemented to pursue a 360° approach, depending on the goal and vision of the company and its campaign. media plan combines media know-how and local knowledge for this purpose and stands by its clients as a competent and reliable partner.

media plan has already implemented successful international campaigns with several clients, such as Falken Tyre Europe GmbH. Our client Falken Tyre Europe GmbH offers a complete range of tires for cars, trucks, light trucks and SUVs. For Falken, we manage cross-media 360-degree campaigns in 21 countries. Our campaign objectives are: To push image, branding and sales. To achieve this, we use a wide range of media types, such as TV, online audio, print, digital and radio.

The biggest advantage of international campaigns is the coordination between media and local expertise and experience. This set-up gives you an advantage right from the start of planning, as it covers the most important factors for a successful media campaign: Strategy and know-how.


How does the International Unit work?

Our International Unit is a growth tool for our customers and partners.


The unit is an extension of our business and works independently of our national campaigns. However, it draws heavily on the experience media plan has gained over the years with successful national campaigns. This benefits the client – and the success of the campaign.


“While many advertisers pulled back during the pandemic, the back-to-business for the international unit was so strong that we wrote a positive story in the midst of a crisis.” (media plan, 2021)


Our international unit has reached another milestone – and will continue to play a large and important role in the future.

Media plan stands for above-average market expertise with a strong international network, this allows us to strategically connect our partners in an optimal way and implement successful campaigns. If you are interested in a strategic international campaign or have further questions, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.