Crossmedia: 360-degree support

10-07-2021 11:35 o'clock, by media plan

“We engage the target group at the relevant stages of the customer journey by aligning all relevant offline channels with the digital medium. Cross-media strategies are our recipe for success.”


Communication via several channels linked in terms of content, design and editorial content, which guides the user in a targeted manner via the various media and refers to a return channel, is called CROSSMEDIA.

At media plan, we combine the know-how, experience and expertise from all units. This means that the various media types are linked together and central content is communicated. In this way, consumers are offered many different channels to obtain information about the brand or product and to receive advertising messages. Depending on the channel, the messages can be individually adapted to the target group in order to positively influence the success of the campaign. With our expert knowledge from over 25 years of experience, we recognize the value of your brand and find exactly the channels and processes through which it can develop its full potential.





Success requires partnership and strategy. As a trustworthy partner, we develop and implement individual media strategies that fit your company exactly. Our work is a “circle of success”: from precise analysis to cross-media campaign implementation and the associated reporting technology – we prepare and accompany the way for the optimal market placement of your company or product – whether for increased brand awareness, performance or the best of both. This cycle, our Circle of Success, is the basis of all (cross-media) campaigns and is crucial for success.

We have already been able to implement successful cross-media campaigns with many clients: In the brand campaign for N26, we focused on the E 20-39 target group in the cities of Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg and Munich. The goal was to increase brand awareness with a broad media mix within 2 months. With a backloading strategy, we started with VOD in July and then added ATV and Spotify. As the last genre to increase advertising pressure, we also integrated OOH.

This cross-media linking of the various media genres picks up N26’s target group in the relevant phases of the customer journey. If you too want to reach all the relevant touchpoints of your target group, please get in touch.


We offer an all-in-one solution tailored to your goals.

Creative & innovative concepts, linked cross-medially are our recipe for success.