10-04-2021 15:45 o'clock, by media plan

“All I need is your love tonight”– was the motto that made our media plan summer party 2021 an unforgettable evening!
Numerous media plan employees from Baden-Baden, Munich, Berlin and Vienna gathered at “Gina’s Pizza Bar Karlsruhe”. After an inspiring speech and welcome address by our founder Frank Lankers, the evening was opened with a delicious aperitif and a flying antipasti buffet.
In great weather, the first exuberant conversations were held in the outdoor area. After the long period of contact restrictions and home office, it quickly became clear that this evening had the potential to be a very special one.
What was particularly special was the positive mood, which was visibly evident from everyone’s smiling faces.
In addition to other lively conversations and laughing people, there was even a small flash mob, in which our youngsters made the start and also got one or the other colleague to shake a leg.

This wonderful late summer evening ended with a lot of dancing and a lot of fun, while a DJ made even the last dance refusers sway to the music.

Many thanks to all who made this evening what it was: