We have been in business for many years and have learned one thing above all: true performance quality comes from quality of life.
Our team, the knowledge and the strong connections we have today have been able to grow so fruitfully because we live very clear values. These include loyalty, team spirit and trust. We like to laugh. We love lively exchanges and value long-term relationships – with our customers as well as with each other. We give ourselves room to maneuver.
This is necessary to think ahead, to go further, to discover new perspectives.
Good vibrations are not only important to us personally, they are an essential part of our work.
Despite all our success orientation, we also want the cooperation to be fun for you and for us. We are convinced that the result will also benefit from this.
Our customers are our partners. Our employees are our most valuable asset.
Together we achieve a lot.

Renata Vucko

Management Finance

Eva Franz

Board Member

Evelin Baldauf

Management Controlling

Heike Friedmann

Board Member

Simone Baumgärtel

Management Administration

Frank Lankers


Sophia von Deimling

Board Member

Andreas Kösling


Nina Winter-Labinsky

Associated Board Member CSR