Trainee Interview – what’s up?

02-25-2021 17:41 o'clock, by media plan

Let’s talk-Whats up dear trainees?

In today’s interview, we provide insights into the “Media Plan world” from the trainees’ point of view. We talked to three trainees for this interview. Here are some exciting insights from their daily business and some great highlights from their apprenticeships.
Here we go.
Ladies first: Hello Yvonne, Rosa and Gianmario. We are pleased to talk to you today about your training at Media Plan. First of all, a brief fact check (name, age and work location) about you as a person.

Yvonne, 23 years old, location: Baden-Baden
Rosa, 22 years old, location: Berlin
Gianmario, 19 years old, location: Baden-Baden

1. How did you decide to train at Media Plan?

Yvonne: “After graduating from high school, I was faced with the big question of where I wanted to go. I knew that I wanted something innovative, exciting and thrilling for my future. So I started looking for an apprenticeship that would cover exactly these areas. I found out about Media Plan via a job portal. The first impression via the website and social media channels and the subsequent interview at the Baden-Baden location confirmed that I was in exactly the right place here.”

Rosa: “After I decided to start an apprenticeship in the marketing industry, I searched for a suitable company on various job portals and came across Media Plan’s job posting. I found the advertisement super appealing and applied straight away.”

Gianmario: “I came across the apprenticeship through Media Plan employees and the job posting on the website.”

2. How long have you been doing the apprenticeship at Media Plan?

Yvonne: “I started with an internship in spring 2018 and in summer the apprenticeship began.
During the internship, I got my first taste of the media world. With great enthusiasm, I finally started in the digital team and have been a permanent part of the team ever since.”
Rosa: “I started my apprenticeship at media plan in September 2018 and successfully completed it in January.”
Gianmario: “I’ve only been a marketing communications trainee at MP since September 2020, so I’m still relatively new!”

3. What is special about Media Plan for you?

Yvonne: “At media plan, there is no time for stagnation or boredom. As a trainee, you get to take on a lot of responsibility and work on important projects. The topics range from customer service, driving innovations forward, planning events and above all, teamwork is the top priority at all times. At Media Plan, the focus is on people.”

Rosa: “You were directly integrated into the team and the colleagues are simply the best. ❤
In addition to the great working atmosphere, the tasks are exciting and very varied. You’re encouraged and immediately seen as a full team member.”

Gianmario: “What’s special is that you get insights into the various areas and departments of the media business and meet a very nice and relaxed “Media Plan crew”, which has a profound knowledge of the media industry. Not to forget the beautiful location in Baden-Baden with a view of the Black Forest. I feel very comfortable here. Of course, it’s also cool that Media Plan is not only represented in Baden-Baden, but is also at the start with other locations, such as in Berlin, Munich and Vienna.”

4. Do you have any cool team events at Media Plan?

Yvonne: “Really cool ones, actually! Over the past three years, I’ve been able to participate in numerous team events and each one has been special. Twice a year we go into planning with our team and think about what we feel like doing. Climbing, dinner events, casino nights or sports activities have always been a real highlight. Even in the current home office situation we were allowed to participate in a virtual cocktail evening. In addition, the summer and Christmas parties should not be forgotten. Here, all locations come together and celebrate together.”

Rosa: “In Berlin, we have a wonderful summer party every year, the Christmas parties are always fun, and there are also regular team events.
We just had our trainee event the other day where we learned (online) about different cocktails and mixed them. At other team events, the Berlin team cooked a Christmas dinner together, we went to play laser tag and took a canoe tour with a visit to the beer garden, among other things.”

Gianmario: “Within the different departments, cool team events are organized that are a lot of fun. From wine caching to 3D mini golf, or the cocktail mixing with a bartender that took place over “ZOOM” due to the lockdown phase, are just a few of the many cool events waiting for you at media plan.”

5. What exactly is your daily business?

Yvonne: “My daily business consists of daily exchanges with our marketers and partners. From customer consulting to campaign controlling and exciting research tasks in the areas of market, target group and competition. What’s really exciting are the regular new business concepts that I’m involved in. Here I am part of the “concept crew”. There, the focus is on creativity and innovation.”

Rosa: “As a trainee, I was integrated into all departments and was thus able to get to know the most diverse areas at media plan. This includes creating new business concepts, working out plans and strategies in the online and TV areas, as well as various administrative tasks. The work is always varied and you are constantly learning new things.
When I was taken on a month ago, I was able to continue seamlessly and continue to face new challenges. I’m currently working with various clients in TV and digital and have now also taken on my own client, which is super exciting and thrilling!”

Gianmario: “At the moment I’m in the TV purchasing department, where I’m always busy monitoring the budget overviews for different clients and also creating the schedules that are then sent to the client. In addition, new trainee projects are always being started. Internal contact with colleagues, as well as external contact with clients & marketers, is thus emphasized.”

6. What three words would you use to describe Media Plan?

Yvonne: “Exciting, power and growth.”

Rosa: “Warm, human, favorite place to work.

Gianmario: “Media Plan stands for cohesion, constant growth and ambition.”

Thank you for the exciting and refreshing insights into the Media Plan world.