Johanna Hourrier on challenges and positive outlooks

03-03-2021 11:20 o'clock, by media plan

Johanna Hourrier is part of our BD / NB team and in today’s interview she is giving  us some insights into current topics of these areas, how Corona is changing everyday work, what challenges there are and what her outlook for the future is.


Sonja: Hello Johanna, what excites you about new business and business development?

Johanna: Nice opening question! What excites me about these areas is that they are very diverse, that you deal with topics that are innovative, progressive and future-oriented. These are areas that are currently being explored and in which there are many opportunities and potentials to be discovered. I am mainly concerned with upcoming changes, upcoming influences and new trends; Especially in the age of digital change, where everything is going incredibly quickly, it never gets boring ???? Since I talk to many new customers and am often out on the market, I get unfiltered information on which topics are hotly discussed there, which in turn enables us to be quick and sensible or to react in the interests of our customers.

Sonja: What are the current challenges or points for you that you have to pay special attention to at the moment?

Johanna: In times of corona and social distancing, the relationship with potential new and existing customers is shifting to the virtual space. Personal contact is lost more as a result, it becomes more difficult to gain the customer’s trust and to build a sustainable relationship. In addition, some advertising budgets have of course been cut, but we have a very diversified customer portfolio from numerous industries and are very grateful that we can continue to realize successful projects with our customers.

Sonja: Very interesting! Aside from the general challenges, how do you deal with your personal challenges in this area? What does your workday look like?

Johanna: I’m the type of person who has always been able to work from home very well, because I would describe myself as relatively structured and disciplined. I design my everyday life in a similar way to the office, even if I naturally miss the contact with my customers / colleagues / friends. But here we always call each other via video and sometimes go for a walk together at lunchtime. Giving up is not an option; we need to stay positive, make the most of the situation, and look forward with hope.

Sonja: Johanna, thank you very much for your time and your insights! As you say, it is important to be positive and to look ahead!