Inspire Me – what does the future look like ?

01-27-2021 17:49 o'clock, by media plan

InspireMe – what does the future look like?

The year 2020 has brought with it many innovations and accelerated some trends immensely. One development that falls under this is the so-called “social commerce”. With Instagram, as one of the great pioneers, a shopping platform was implemented on the social network. Today, in December 2020, it is almost impossible to imagine life without it. Instagram now also acts as a sales channel, a pioneer for social commerce. But what is social commerce actually?
Quite simply: the sale of products via social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Here, online retailers link their “social presence” and customer reviews and recommendations with an immediate purchase option.
SevenOne Media has made social commerce accessible to the masses. And it did so with the “InspireMe” format. We as Media Plan are among the first movers and launched one of the first campaigns on linear TV with VAAY! Why? Because we like to think out-of-the-box, believe in innovation and enjoy growing with our clients.

What is InspireMe and how has it been received?

InspireMe is a campaign that is guaranteed to appeal to your target audience with a combination of product promotion on social media and TV. With the TV reach and authenticity that our influencer brought to the table, this campaign for VAAY created incredible engagement with the target audience!
The perfect symbiosis of sales and brand awareness resulted in more than 40,000 social views, more than 4 million TV contacts reached and 95% new customer orders during the campaign.
A prime example of a successful, original form of marketing!
Are you inspired? Because we are!