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03-03-2021 11:02 o'clock, by media plan

The year 2020 has presented us all with new challenges that we could not have imagined. In March 2020, Corona came into our lives and is still the most present topic.
What else actually happened in 2020?

Google Trends’ “Year in Review 2020” gives us an overview of what shaped the year and what people learned about. For companies, Google Trends forms a good way to keep an eye on people’s needs and questions. Google determines the “Google Trends” through search queries that users have made during the year. The evaluation of the search results is not based on the most searched terms, but on the largest increase in search volume. Google Trends evaluates the search volume and gives advertisers the chance to see what people are looking for.

In addition, the tool offers various filter options that can be used to monitor the market competition. This can give important insight for a product launch, or also an assessment of the relevance of a service/product. Insights into global, current and past trends are taken into account by Google Trends. Through the various filter options, companies have the possibility to select a specific time course in order to see possible peaks. The display of the peaks, i.e. in which month the search term was particularly searched for, can be traced back to advertising measures.

Another filter option is “Google Shopping”. Google Shopping is a kind of online store, which aims to achieve high click rates. Through the release of store operators, data is transmitted to Google, which is processed and placed in a “box” on Google. The payment to Google is made by CPC (Cost per Click). The main advantage of Google Shopping is that Google is the largest search engine and potential buyers look for products in the search engine.

You can already notice that Google Trends can be used in many ways due to various categorizations. In summary, it can be said that the use of Google Trends can provide overviews and new impulses for companies.
Now we would like to take a closer look at the year 2020 in the ranking of search terms:

At number 1 in the ranking is the search term: “coronavirus”. This is certainly not a surprising finding. Also the “US election”, or “weather tomorrow” land among the top ranked.
Here is the top 10 “Google trend” ranking of general search terms:


2.US election tomorrow


5.biontech share

6.Kobe Bryant


8.Disney Plus


10.Joe Biden

But now enjoy the movie “Year in Review 2020”:

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