E-Sports as a fixed Part in the media-mix!

03-03-2021 11:22 o'clock, by media plan

Welcome to the mainstream! Gone are the clichéd days of pre-pubescent, sport-grumpy, light-shy and fast-food-loving “nerds”. Gaming or eSports has seen a real change in image. The gaming industry has become a multi-million dollar business that has its raison d’être in media reporting in the mainstream, not least due to the entry of more and more non-endemic brands. A phenomenon that is accepted by all walks of life.

By definition, eSport is not a classic sport in which you get physically active. Skills needed are rather  motorical skills and abilities such as hand-eye coordination, reaction speed and stamina.

It is played in teams or individually. Similar to “real” sport, the games are streamed live. For a better understanding: Yes, there are people who watch other people play computer games. And there are quite a few. According to the live stream provider twitch.tv, more viewers than ever before watched the Fortnite “device” event. Over two million viewers attended the spectacle. Fortnite holds the record for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch.

The market is growing and growing!

According to a study by industry experts Newzoo, total sales in 2020 will be 1.1 billion US dollars. This would correspond to an increase of 150 million US dollars compared to 2019. According to the forecasts, China would become the top-selling nation in eSports and displace the USA from number one.

Also over here the development of the eSport audience is interesting. A distinction is made between regular spectators and people who actively participate in eSports topics. ndustry insiders are forecasting rapid development here as well

Young? Yes! Easy? No!Target group are mainly young men between 21 and 35 years of age with a relatively high income. That makes them a very consumer-affine target group who also like to spend money on lifestyle, fashion or leisure activities. In addition, the digital natives can hardly be reached via offline channels, but only via the Internet.

However, the gaming world is far too fragmented and diverse. So doing a little test and seeing how it works is definitely not the right approach. Too many components affect success. A common mistake is generalizing. Each game genre appeals to a different target group or they react differently.

eSports is becoming an integral part of the marketing mix.

The increasing reach and the attractive and easily accessible target group mean that brands are increasingly seeing eSports as a communication channel to complement the marketing mix.

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