Digital Team Events at Media Plan – Yoga

03-15-2021 08:03 o'clock, by media plan

Team spirit is an important topic, especially in the current times. For many, the familiar office routine with shared coffee and lunch breaks, on-site meetings and short small talk is very far away. We want to change that and have therefore created the “Digital Team Events”. Within our daily work routine, we are in close exchange with our colleagues, but the joint on-site activity is of course missing.
“Let’s create this shared activity across locations via a digital event.”


This week, the digital team event “After Work Yoga Session” took place with our dear Martin. A great combination of yoga theory and practice. We tried different breathing exercises and got into a deep relaxation.

The breathing exercises are good and easy to integrate into everyday life. Going back into yourself and focusing before a meeting can have a positive effect. We are convinced of this and want to further integrate the tips & tricks that we were taught within the yoga session into our everyday life. The exercises are good to implement in everyday life. We would like to explain an exercise that we did together within our digital yoga session:

Breathing into different body zones. Here’s how:

Close your eyes and notice your breathing in your belly, supportively place your hands on your belly and observe what happens. (Repeat the breathing 6 times) Now try to feel your breathing in your ribs, support your breathing again with your hands on your ribs. (Repeat this breathing 6 times). Now breathe into your collarbone, notice the breathing and gladly support it again with your hands. (Repeat this breathing 6x). Feel after each breath/exercise and ask yourself how you felt this breathing.


The first touches of yoga are done. We had great fun diving into the yoga world. Of course, the specifics within our digital event lay with: Laughing together, achieving something together, doing something together outside of everyday life. Doing something together connects and creates a closeness within the colleagues that is currently missing due to the physical distance.

We are already looking forward to the next joint digital team event. #bettertogether