Audio – everyone has an open ear!

03-03-2021 11:12 o'clock, by media plan

Lord of the Rings. Running time: 171 minutes.
What does this have to do with advertising?
The following: A movie that is known for its extra length is still shorter than the average radio listening time in Germany: A proud 181 minutes of radio is listened to every day, according to „ARD Advertising“ & Sales for 2019.

Radio – the everyday companion : 3 hours of radio every day? Correct! Obviously  radio commercials are therefore accordingly effective e. Because “radio goes in the ear – stays in the head” is proven well again and again.  You catch yourself mumbling the spot you’ve just heard or making fun of a muesli in one case or another over and over. The subconscious effect of radio in everyday life is immense – the first great strength of radio.

Even more effective: audio advertising directly on retail space! This way its possible to inform customers about seasonal products, recipes or special offers – faster sales can only be achieved digitally.

Which brings us to the second strength: As a daily companion, the auditive-onlymedium reaches people just before or even right at the point of sale. An incredible push, especially for products from the FMCG category.

If the campaign main-objective is reach, one thinks directly of TV for good reasons But radio, the much cheaper version, is also ideally suited for it. If you want to combine everything with a top target group and trackability, we recommend pairing the FM campaign with online audio. The third strength!